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Does your business have a website but no blog? Stop leaving your customers behind.

Or maybe you have a blog, but it's been a while since you've updated it.

You do not have to publish blog posts every week. I repeat; you do not have to publish a post every week. However, like most things in life, to succeed you have to at least show up consistently.

Writing content your target audience will find useful will fill their need and have them coming back to you and your business time and time again.

No matter the industry you’re in, whether you’re running an ant farm or selling nuts and bolts, I can help.

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I write well-researched conversational blog posts your audience will relate to. All my posts come with a clear, strong call to action and 5 ready-to-use tweets to promote the piece.

I write with SEO in mind. However, I write for real people, which means my content writing is:

  • Clear
  • Engaging
  • Conversational
  • Jargon free
  • Structured

But wait, there's more

When it comes to running a blog, there's more to it than writing posts every couple of weeks. Let me help you with:

  • Developing a content strategy
  • Carrying out a content inventory and audit
  • Creating and maintaining an editorial calendar

Does this sound like a plan to you? Sure does to me—let's do this.

Say adios to your digital marketing headaches

Other digital marketing services

Social Media Management

Does your social media need bringing back from the dead? I breathe life into it and build your community.

Copywriting & Transcreation

I write words to sell. Convincing, compelling, and most of all, persuasive copy is what you need for more sales, in English.

Website Management

Your website might look pretty, but what’s going on under the hood? I make your site beautiful inside and out.

Vaida Pakulyte, MoneyStrands Digital Marketing Manager

Tara has great communication skills and can transmit that through writing interesting and engaging content

Tara produced a great job writing a blog post. The content was well-researched, structured and presented. It was delivered in a professional manner and with extra strategies and ideas that will be used.

Tara has great communication skills and can transmit that through writing interesting and engaging content. She delivered more than asked for and displayed a great analytical and strategic mindset regarding the overall marketing landscape and channels used.

Tara is a great person to work with - she is enthusiastic, has a lot of great ideas and we would recommend her service because she offers great quality, delivers in a timely manner with little changes needed.

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