Alarmed App review: A nag you will absolutely love

Blog Header Alarmed App review A nag you will absolutely love

Alarmed is the perfect productivity app if you’re a ‘hit-the-snooze-button’ type of person. Using the full arsenal of iOS gestures: tap, long tap, double tap, spin, swipe. Alarmed is a sexy feature heavy alarm, reminder and timer app rolled into one. What’s more, it will nag you until kingdom come, but you’ll appreciate it! Alarmed … Read more

6 Food Analogies To Help You Understand Social Media

Blog Header 6 Food Analogies To Help You Understand Social Media

Understanding social media and which platforms to delve into as you start out can be a bit difficult; to say the least.  Maybe a food analogy might help.Facebook biscuits Facebook Facebook is like chocolate biscuits (cookies)  that you keep in your cupboard; nothing nutritional about them, but they are pure decadence, and okay to eat if you … Read more

Social media: Yes, you do need it!

Blog Header Social media Yes you do need it

No matter what business you’re in, you will need at least one social media channel for your business. No matter what industry you are in, whether it’s a product, a service, or even the fact that you’re job hunting—nicely called Career Transitioning—you need a social media presence. Do you remember hearing this, years ago?  The … Read more