Alarmed App review: A nag you will absolutely love

Alarmed is the perfect productivity app if you’re a ‘hit-the-snooze-button’ type of person. Using the full arsenal of iOS gestures: tap, long tap, double tap, spin, swipe. Alarmed is a sexy feature heavy alarm, reminder
and timer app rolled into one. What’s more, it will nag you until kingdom come, but you’ll appreciate it!

Alarmed is the perfect productivity app if you’re a ‘hit-the-snooze-button’ type of person. Using the full arsenal of iOS gestures: tap, long tap, double tap, spin, swipe. Alarmed is a sexy feature heavy alarm, reminder and timer app rolled into one. What's more, it will nag you until kingdom come,…

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Alarmed is an iOS productivity app perfectly designed for procrastinators and list makers. It's a productivity app that comes with bells and whistles that make perfect sense. Simple in design, but powerful in performance, Alarmed contains features that will keep you focused on what needs doing with its unique nagging feature.

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Alarmed – Full Review

Nag, nag, nag

You can set your reminder to nag you after you’ve hit snooze. This feature can be set for every minute or every hour. Unlike a regular alarm clock, it won’t automatically come off snooze until you dismiss the reminder entirely.

What I love the most about the nag feature is that it comes in handy if I’m on a call or in a meeting at the time of my reminder. It’s all so easy to check the box when you’re preoccupied with something. By setting the nag feature to
every one minute, I avoid this problem and never forget a task.

Repeat scheduling (paid feature)

For all your needs, Alarmed has it all! You have options of repeating daily,Alarmed logo weekly, monthly or yearly.
Standard, right? Then it goes further to give you the same option, but you choose the interval time which can be up to 99 days.

And the beauty of this powerful repeat scheduling is, you can set it to complete forever or for a certain period only, all in a simple tappity tap tap!
DayMinder (paid feature)
This is an invaluable feature that helps me to remember to do daily routine tasks that need to be done throughout the day more than once. I simply set my reminder to start at a specific time and the DayMinder alerts me at certain intervals throughout the day.

For example, I create a reminder to drink a glass of water starting at 9am. I then set the DayMinder to remind me every hour for 8 hours .

You can use this for tasks like checking your emails every 3 hours, watering the plants or even as an extended nag feature for a high priority task. Either way, it’s a functionality I’ve yet to see in any other app.

What you’ll love about Alarmed

  • Interacting with each reminder is a piece of cake
  • There’s a drop down panel to access key features:
    • nagging
    • postponing a reminder
    • adding a note
  • You can also pause and resume a reminder by tapping on the on/off button
  • You’ll appreciate the timer function which accepts multiple timers, including counting up as well as counting down.

What you won’t like

  • The sounds are a bit annoying and could do with some more modern tunes, perhaps even the ability to add your own
  • Tagging could be better, currently it’s practically non-existent, so you’re not able to group or search for certain types of reminders
  • Adding a calendar or clock display functionality would make Alarmed chicken dinner winner
  • If you’re using the GTD approach to productivity, you may find some limitations, but as an accompaniment to another tool, you can’t go wrong

App Update & Support

I am diligent about using tools and apps that are updated frequently and despite this app not being updated since September 2013, I still highly recommend Alarmed. The support from the developer @yoctoville is fast and friendly and he assures his loyal followers that the next version is coming soon and it will be awesome!

Pros & Cons

  • A whole host of features, including a good nagging feature
  • Usability is a delightful doddle
  • A multi-functional productivity app for tasks, reminders and focus
  • lacks a robust tagging system
  • Sounds are plentiful but a tad annoying
  • No calendar or clock display

Is Alarmed the type of productivity app you would use? Which reminders app do you use? Tweet me!

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