Onlypult is the only Instagram scheduler you need in your life

Blog Header Onlypult is the only Instagram scheduler you need in your life

Onlypult makes life easier for social media professionals who are juggling more than one Instagram account. And, even if you’re only managing one account, this Instagram tool will become indispensable to you. You never have to open Instagram on your phone again. This content uses referral links. Read the full disclosure policy. Many features; two … Read more

A review: Toggl Time Tracker

Blog Header A review Toggl Time Tracker

The beauty of Toggl is in its simplicity. There are no bells and whistles because frankly, you don’t need them. Many complain that the downloadable programme is the same as the Web interface. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s great, no distractions necessary, start the timer, get on with what you’re doing, and stop … Read more

Alarmed App review: A nag you will absolutely love

Blog Header Alarmed App review A nag you will absolutely love

Alarmed is the perfect productivity app if you’re a ‘hit-the-snooze-button’ type of person. Using the full arsenal of iOS gestures: tap, long tap, double tap, spin, swipe. Alarmed is a sexy feature heavy alarm, reminder and timer app rolled into one. What’s more, it will nag you until kingdom come, but you’ll appreciate it! Alarmed … Read more