How to get and use Chrome Extensions

Let me explain why you need Chrome extensions in your life to make your time online a doddle. Extension what now? Chrome extensions are like little mini-apps within your browser which help improve your browsing experience.

You’ve heard, ‘there’s an app for that’; well when it comes to doing things more efficiently and effectively on Chrome, ‘there’s an extension for that!’ I’m going to take you through installing my favourite ‘keep me focused’ Extension: Dayboard.

Step 1

Launch Chrome

Step 2

Go to Chrome Web Store.

Step 3

Type in ‘Dayboard’ in the search bar, hit ‘Enter’ and Extensions.


Step 4

Click the blue + FREE button.


Step 5

Click Add.


When you create a new Tab (Cmd+T for Mac users, Ctrl + T for Windows) you should see:

New_tab_Dayboard copy.png

You can manage your Extension a number of ways, depending on which operating system you’re using. For the purpose of this guide, you can go directly to Chrome Extensions.

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