(Video) How to do a Google image search using an image

Have you ever wondered about a photo you’ve found on a website—where it’s come from? Who’s using it? A simple Google image search using that image will give you the answer. And this video tutorial will show you how!


Hello, and welcome to a Tara-Tamiko tutorial, and today I’m going to show you how to do Google image search using an image. Let’s start with “Google image search”, I’ll type that in. And we’re going to select the first result which is “Google images”

Search by image

Now you’ll see here a little camera, “Search by image” click on that—and we’re going to come back to the “Paste image URL”— select upload an image. By selecting browse, we can then choose a photo, I have one called “Thief copy”.

And there you have it, you can see that this image is being used by quite a few people—websites and blogs.

Search by image URL

Okay, now let’s go back and we are going to select pasting an image using the URL. Now I’ve already selected an image I would like to paste in; this is a photo of Steve Jobs.

What you want to do is go ahead and right hand click and select “Copy Image Location”.

You will then go back to Google images and paste the image URL, as you will see it will appear like this when you select Command+V, if you’re using a Mac or Control+V if you’re using a Windows.

Go ahead and click on search by image and here you can see the many different places that this particular photo is being used on the Web.

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