6 Food analogies to help you understand social media

Understanding social media and which platforms to delve into as you start out can be a bit difficult; to say the least.  Maybe a food analogy might help.Facebook biscuits

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Facebook is like chocolate biscuits (cookies)  that you keep in your cupboard; nothing nutritional about them, but they are pure decadence, and okay to eat if you have one or two. However, you keep going back at least eight times during the day; until there’s nothing left to consume.

Instagram food

Instagram is like, well like food! Instagram users have uploaded a whopping 100,214,864 photos with the #food hashtag. (Source: http://iconosquare.com as of April 2014). So if you can work a good food angle in your photos, you’re already on to a chicken dinner winner! (Terrible puns, sue me!) 🙂

LinkedIn Sunday roast

LinkedIn is like a Sunday roast dinner; you don’t eat it often, but when you do, you’re completely satisfied, especially when those roast potatoes taste just like mama used to cook them.

Google+ organic

Google+ is like healthy organic biological food; you would love to say that you eat them! You know they are super good for you, but you just don’t get around to buying them, even though you can see your friends eating them from time to time.

Twitter snacks

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Twitter is like peanuts, dried fruit or small snacks that you keep on your desk during the day: Easy to consume, healthy, and you can pick, pick, pick all day until you feel full, but still need to eat something hearty.

YouTube gourmet

YouTube is like the foods you see chefs create on reality TV shows. They use simple ingredients to make complex dishes and you want to try to recreate them, but you think the steps to achieving it is way too difficult.

Can you share any other analogies that can help us understand the different social media platforms? Tweet me!

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