(Video) Stop broadcasting every change you make on LinkedIn

This video tutorial shows you how to stop broadcasting whilst you fine tune your profile. Every change you make doesn’t need to show up on your LinkedIn profile; it will only annoy your contacts. You will also learn how to select who sees your activity on your profile.
No time to watch the video? Read the transcript below.


Welcome to another Tara-Tamiko tutorial and today I’m going how you can turn off your activity broadcasts on LinkedIn.

Before you fill out your profile

Now this tutorial assumes that you have already signed up for a LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t completely filled in your LinkedIn profile, but you already have a number of contacts in your network, then you will want to turn off your activity broadcasts so they don’t see every single change you make on your profile.

Activities broadcasted

So, what kind of activities gets broadcasted?

  • Adding a current job position
  • Adding a current school a link to a website
  • Recommending someone
  • Following a company
  • Adding a connection
  • Adding additional skills to your profile, and of course,
  • Sharing content with your network

How to stop broadcasting your activities

So, once you’ve signed in, you’ll want to go to your privacy and settings, which you’ll find under your photo. Click on: “Review” and then go down here to “Privacy & Controls”,  and click on ‘Turn on/off your activity broadcasts”.

If you are broadcasting, this box here will be ticked like this. If you are not broadcasting, then it will be left unticked, like this.

Just click on “Save changes” and you will see that you are no longer broadcasting. Next, go to “Select who can see your activity feed” choose “Only you” then click on “Save changes”.

Once you have completed all you can on your profile, be sure to go back and select “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts” and ensure the check box is ticked.

Then go back to “Who can see your activity feed” and select either “Everyone”, this will make it public, “Your network”, that will be your contacts and their contacts, or select “Your connections”, and those will be the people who accepted your connection.


Now remember, turning off your activity broadcasts is quite important so your contacts don’t see every detail you change on your profile. Oh, and word to the wise, if you’re job hunting, LinkedIn actually recommends that you turn this off. You do not want your current employers to see that you are looking for work.

You’ve been watching a Tara-Tamiko Tutorial, where I help you become more efficient and effective online. If you have found this video useful, or you can think of someone who would really benefit from the information I’ve shared here, please go ahead and shared here, please go ahead and share it with them now.

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