(Video) Transcript and closed captions on YouTube videos

Learn how to add a transcript and closed captions (subtitles) to your YouTube videos in this quick tip tutorial.


This is a Tara-Tamiko quick tip tutorial where I aim to deliver a quick tip in under 44 seconds.

When you watch my video tutorials, you have two options to be able to read the words I speak whilst the video is playing.

Option 1: Closed captions, click here and you will see the spoken words on the video screen.
Option 2: Click on the Transcript icon and you will be able to follow along here.

Transcript and captions on YouTube
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Takeaway: Using YouTube videos, you can use the closed captions.
Actionable: With the video on mute, use the transcript option to follow along.
Extra tip: You can copy the transcript —you’ll have it to refer to later!

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