[VIDEO] How to Verify Your Facebook Page

Ok, so let’s talk about the much-coveted badge beside your Facebook page brand name! Why wouldn’t you want to verify your Facebook page? Sure, there’s a little bit of admin work, but it’s absolutely doable, no matter how many fans you have. Read on or watch the video where I show you how to do it.

So, this is how the grey badge ‘tick’ looks on my Facebook page. It’s small but mighty. The process wasn’t hard, but you might want to be persistent.

Screenshot of FB Grey Verification Badge

If you’re managing a page and you have no idea how to get your Facebook page verified, you’re about to find out.

Why should I get verified?

Getting verified by Facebook for your business page has many benefits. For one, there’s a bragging right for labelling your page ‘authentic’.

But, what’s more important is the peace of mind you give to your customers. They will know that your business page is legit.

So, how to verify your Facebook page

Contrary to popular belief, getting your Facebook page verified isn’t as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree.

Contrary to popular belief, getting your Facebook page verified isn't as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree.Click To Tweet

Blue or Grey?

If you’ve set up your page as a brand, media company or as a public figure you get the golden ticket, aka the blue badge beside your page or profile:

This means Facebook recognises that your page is the real deal. You won’t have to use the word ‘official’ because the blue badge indicates this.

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And if someone tries to use the same name, it will be easy for people to differentiate between the fake page and yours! Fill out the Request A Verified Badge form.

Screenshot of Facebook blue verification badge
How To Request A Blue Verification Badge

But wait! Maybe you’re not quite that big. You’re running a local business. What do you get?

You get a grey badge on your page.

This video walks you through getting the grey badge

What are the real benefits to verifying your Facebook page?

  • People who visit your page will see you’re legit because Facebook only verifies businesses that exist
  • You appear at the top of the searches – before non-verified pages at least
  • You can brag about your verification badge
To get the grey verification badge Facebook has to verify that your business existsClick To Tweet

Once you’ve got your verification badge, remember that what Facebook giveth he can also taketh away.

Break any terms or annoy Facebook and they’ll remove your verification. So be good!

Avoid typos and other grammatical mistakes in your Facebook captions. Read my Grammarly Review.

Will you verify your Facebook page? Let me know in the comments below.

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[VIDEO] How to Verify Your Facebook Page

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