(Video) Facebook Privacy: Control who sees the stories apps post to your timeline

Are you tired of those apps constantly posting to your timeline? Wish your friends didn’t see every time you unlock a new episode on Candy Crush? This video shows you how to make sure your friends don’t see the posts that apps share on your timeline.
No time to watch the video? You can read the transcript below.

Transcript— Control who sees the stories apps post to your timeline

Welcome to a Tara-Tamiko Tutorial, and today I’m going to show you how to make sure that the apps on Facebook that you’ve granted permission to post on your behalf, only show up on your timeline, so your friends don’t see these posts.

It’s really quite simple, you go to your Settings. You’ll see on the left hand side Apps, click on that. You can see here the Apps which I have granted permission to post on my behalf. You can see in this column which apps I’m allowing to show up on my timeline to my friends and which will only show up on my timeline to me.

So let’s look at Camera360, currently these posts are shown on my timeline to my friends. Let’s change that so it shows only to me. Click on Edit and change the Visibility of app to Only me.  Click Close and there you can see that any posts made by Camera360 will be shown on my timeline to just me, and not to all my friends. (You can also change it to show to any lists or one specific person.) It’s that simple! You’re always in control, if you just know how!

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