(Video) What’s a Hamburger icon?

Do you sometimes see three little lines on a button when your browsing the Web on your mobile device? It’s called a Hamburger icon and this video, along with the following transcript, tells you exactly how this foody icon helps you navigate the Web from your mobile with ease.

Transcript to video

Welcome to another Tara-Tamiko quick tip tutorial where I aim to give you a quick tip in under 44 seconds.

And today I’m going to explain to you what a Hamburger Icon is. When you’re browsing the Web from your mobile device you often see these three lines on a button. This icon is called a Hamburger (yep, you’ve guessed it, because it isn’t dissimilar to a hamburger

This foody icon is hiding a menu.

By tapping the Hamburger Icon, you’ll reveal the menu of that website, this will enable you to navigate more quickly around the site you’re on.

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