Social media: Yes, you do need it!

No matter what business you’re in, you will need at least one social media channel for your business. No matter what industry you are in, whether it’s a product, a service, or even the fact that you’re job hunting—nicely called Career Transitioning—you need a social media presence.

Do you remember hearing this, years ago?

 The customer is always right.

Well, if you think the focus was on the customer then, today we are even move customer centric. We are beyond the customer “is always right.” It’s more about the customer is always talking.

Who’s talking about you?

Customers are having conversations about you, your brand, your service, YOU! This can be positive or negative. You can have an active social media presence or not, customers and consumers alike are talking about You.

Conversations are happening—with or without you.

So, you can ignore them, to your detriment, naturally. Or you can talk with them. And that’s why you need social media. You need it so you can converse with your customers.

Who are your customers?

If you’re a job hunter, your customers are your future employers, after all, it is to them you are selling! If you run a business, then I hope by now you know who your customers are.

If you are none of these, trust me when I say eventually you will become one of these because at some point in the future you will either be looking for a promotion, a new job, or to have your own business.

You have two options to have the best social media presence:

  • Pay someone to do it for you.
  • Do it yourself.

Out source your social media

Are you in business for more reasons than wanting to make money? Are you passionate about what you have to offer.  If so, why would you pay someone to take care of that part of business that you can very well do yourself?

I would suggest understanding social media well enough to be able to explain to whomever you decide to run it for you that they would be able to adopt the tone and voice that you want to convey.

Do it yourself

It doesn’t take much, if you have a plan! Grab those social media reigns and take control of your social media presence today.

I would recommend to not start with every social media platform, it would become near impossible to keep up with all of them effectively.

Select two to start and regular and consistent. If it’s five times a week or just five times a month, then you will have achieved a lot more than simply not putting yourself out there at all.

Which social media channel should you choose first?

Well, do you know what I say? Given that many HR professionals use LinkedIn network, find business contacts, and recruit job-hunters and freelancers, you should go ahead and set up a LinkedIn profile. It may be one of the “slower” social media channels, but it’s oh, so powerful.

Start where it’s easiest—LinkedIn
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Once you’ve signed up, be sure to check out the LinkedIn post so that you are able to update your profile without annoying your contacts.

Takeaway: You need social media because, whether you like it or not, your customers will talk about you. Why not become a part of the conversation that is about you? (customers also equal potential employers).

Actionable today: Set up a LinkedIn account and connect to Tara-Tamiko, make sure to send me a LinkedIn request (be sure to say you found me through my blog!)

Happy actioning, and don’t forget to share this content.

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