Copywriting & Transcreation

Not every great writer is a copywriter

There's more to copywriting than being able to turn your hand to writing a good story. You might have a sharp journalistic style of writing, or you're a killer content writer; it's not the same as copywriting.

Writing that sells is writing that feeds.

To sell your business, product, brand, or service, the words must come together in a way that makes people open their minds to what you’re offering and, eventually, their wallets to buy. This is where good copywriting comes to play.

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Types of copywriting I can provide you with:

  • Website text
  • Landing pages
  • Lead magnets
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Video tutorial transcripts
  • Instructional manuals
  • Technical manuals
  • Operations manuals


Not to be confused with translation, transcreation is the method of taking a piece of copy and adapting the style, tone, and concept to a localised language.

I offer this service for copywriting translated from Spanish to English for businesses who sell to an English-speaking market.

In the UK, we say:

"You're pulling my leg."

A direct Spanish translation would be laughed at. And you would laugh at the translation of the Spanish version in English:

"You're taking the hair."

The point is, if you sell to English-speaking countries, I can transform your text to persuasive copy for your target audience. That's transcreation.

I'm a British born English speaker, certified in TESOL (teaching English as a foreign language) and can write in localised language. Having lived in the USA briefly and worked for multinational companies, I also write in American English.

Whether you want the 'u' out of 'colour' (British English) or the 'z' in 'organized' (American English), I provide a copywriting and transcreation service to make sure your words sell your business and customers buy, buy, buy.

Try me.

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