Website Management

What they never tell you about having a website

You need a website management strategy.

You spent hours, no weeks, developing a rocking website. On launch date, you sat back and thought all done. Wrong.

A website can age in an Internet minute, which means, if you’ve not checked under the hood in the last week, it’s already out of date and needs an update.

Your site is like a toddler; it needs feeding and changing, or it will just misbehave. And that misbehaving can cost you a pretty penny. I’m available to help you keep your site up-to-date and improve your web pages, one page at a time.

Here are some of the website management tasks I can undertake for you:

  • Website review
  • Webpage optimisation
  • Traffic trends analysation
  • Regular backups
  • Install a child theme
  • Tweak your site with CSS customisation
  • Install updates-CMS (WordPress) and plugins
  • Optimise and upload images

Why do I need this?

Website management is crucial to your business, because a 'set it and forget it' mentality will cause your website to stop working at the speeds your visitors expect. If it doesn't load quick enough, visitors, customers, and potential customers won't stick around.

Like your car, you need to keep your website fine-tuned and well-serviced.

Ready for your tune-up? I'm available to talk about your website management needs.

Say adios to your digital marketing headaches

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