About Me

I'm Tara-Tamiko, a digital marketing consultant for hire. I help you conquer the elements required to develop a digital marketing strategy on any budget, large or small.

When you run a small business, you spend a lot of time worrying about what your competitors are doing. Let me take away that worry. Together, we'll create a digital marketing strategy that puts your product or service in the spotlight. We'll do it so well your competitors won't even matter. That's how we'll beat them.

My key focus is to make sure I understand your business, so together, we can get the best results for you. We will look at your competitors—I rock at competitive research with my sleuth like capabilities—but, at the end of the day, it’s your product or service we’re selling, so we need to make sure:

  • Your message is on point
  • Your offer is rock solid
  • You have a good system for lead generation
  • You sell the heck out of everything you offer

I jokingly refer to myself as the "Fixer”, and some refer to me as the “Converter.” I guess I do both. Let me explain:

The Fixer

Think Monica from Friends, with her obsession for order; that’s me! I will identify the areas of your business that might need a gentle boost, a tweak here and there. You need a solid base on which to build your digital marketing strategy.

No point spending all your money on Facebook ads if your customers don't understand what you're selling.

The Converter

I love trolls. Yes, you heard me right. You know, the Internet trolls most businesses fear.

Tara-Tamiko Long Purple Hair

Okay, the die-hard trolls need ignoring, but some people only want hand-holding. They might:

  • Prefer your competitor's product or service
  • Find your price too high (or too low)
  • Tried your product or solution and hated it
  • I know how to speak to them and convert them (most of them, at least) into customers.

I’ve discovered some of your biggest advocates don't always buy what you're selling, at first, yet it doesn't stop them from singing your praises.

Let that digest.

I've worked in the marketing field in many industries from gaming and wearable tech to finance and medical devices.

My background is eclectic and fun, like me. Ask me about my time working on a family cruise ship in the USA; what that taught me about customer service, I still use today.

I hail from Blighty (nickname for Great Britain aka the United Kingdom) and have lived in Barcelona since 2004. My clients are all over the world, so don't worry; the tech of the digital age allows me to work with you, no matter where you are.

Speaking of tech, I have a deep fascination for technology. This means, when we work together, you can rest easy, knowing I'm using the best technology for your business.

Now, if I could just find a piece of tech that would do more housework for me!

You'll often find me connected to my iPhone or Mac, (yes, I'm on #TeamApple), whether I'm in an office, on a train, or walking down the street. Oh, and I'll undoubtedly be connected to a podcast. Aside from Serial and History of England, I enjoy listening to influencers share their knowledge and discuss the latest trends. I keep up-to-date with digital marketing best practices, so I can pass that on to you.

As you can see, red and purple are my colours. ツ
As you can see, red and purple are my colours. ツ

You need digital marketing to make offers, generate leads and sell.

- Tara-Tamiko, Digital Marketing Consultant.